Taking Over Control and Custody of Corporate Debtor

Taking Over Control & Custody of Corporate Debtor

Synergy has a very large team of human resources, who are trained and experienced for taking over physical and virtual control over the operations and assets of the Corporate Debtor from the existing Key Managerial Personnel (KMPs) and to maintain its control over the operations of Corporate Debtor and to protect the assets and businesses of the Corporate Debtor. Following is the process followed by the team for effective and timely control over the Corporate Debtor: –

  • To visit all or key locations of the businesses or assets of the Corporate Debtor and identify the locations and assets
  • To make an inventory of the assets or businesses of Corporate Debtor and make videos and take pictures for the purpose of records and presenting it before the Committee of Creditors members
  • To depute security guards at key entry and exit points to assure protection of assets and to prevent any fraudulent or unauthorized removal of property of the Corporate Debtor
  • To supervise the operations of Corporate Debtor and to do all such acts required for keeping the Corporate Debtor as a going concern.