Arranging Resolution Plan Applicants

Resolution Plan Under IBC

Resolution Plan Facilitator Team

The success of Insolvency Professionals during CIRP lies in resolving the case by finding a successful Resolution Applicant who could offer optimum value to stakeholders and would keep the Corporate Debtor as a going concern, thus providing much-wanted relief to workmen, employees, and other stakeholders. Synergy has developed a separate team for this role and has trained them for following key deliverables:  –

  • To understand the business of the Corporate Debtor, its financial position, assets and liabilities, capacity, product range, input profile, customer profile, fixed cost, variable cost, etc.
  • To collect and update data for various industry segments for Prospective Resolution Applicants 
  • To prepare a teaser or brief profile for circulation to those having synergy with the business of the Corporate Debtor or for circulation to HNIs, prospective investors, funds, ARCs, etc.
  • To track all leads and develop them as prospective Resolution Applicants and provide them all the information required for preparation of Resolution Plan.
  • To meet Prospective Resolution Applicants and provide them comfort and develop them for submission of Resolution Plan.
  • To facilitate visits of Prospective Resolution Applicants for the inspection of business and assets of Corporate Debtor.