Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process – CIRP

CIRP-Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process

Synergy has developed a large team responsible for conducting various functions of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process. The team consists of law graduates, company secretaries, cost accountants, experienced commerce graduates, chartered accountants, experienced accountants, computer operators, etc.  The following are the key jobs under this team:

 –To communicate with all stakeholders such as Committee of Creditor’s members, other claimants, promoters and directors, Key Managerial Personnel, statutory authorities, auditors, employees of Corporate Debtor, etc for the purpose of seeking information, informing them about the commencement of CIRP, coordinating for litigation.

  • To appoint professionals and experts for the process such as Registered Valuers for valuation of the assets of the Corporate Debtor; Transactional Auditors for determination of avoidable transactions u/s 43, 45, 50 and 66 of the Code; internal auditors, if approved;  statutory auditors, if required and approved; industry expert, process consultant, if required; etc. and to get their fee approved from Committee of Creditors.
  • To maintain a panel of professionals after verification of key documents, antecedents and performance history for the purpose of their appointment for Corporate Debtors. Synergy maintains a panel of advocates, industry experts, auditors, forensic auditors, registered valuers, media agencies, security service providers, etc.
  • To interact and coordinate with different professionals and experts appointed for the process and to provide the requisite information for completion of the job and to obtain their report.
  • To convene the Committee of Creditors meetings and to prepare all notices, agenda, information to be shared with COC, minutes, etc and to act as a bridge between Committee of Creditors and the Insolvency Professional.
  • To prepare and compile Information Memorandum and co-ordinate for all the information required. To keep the Information Memorandum updated with adding all that information which is important for understanding the Corporate Debtor for the purpose of submission of Resolution Plan. 

To conduct the entire process of an invitation of Resolution Plans such as the release of Expression of Interest, preparation of RFRP, bid evaluation matrix, eligibility criteria and other documents for receipt, examination and presentation of Resolution Plans for the approval of Committee of Creditors.