Mainitaining books of Accounts and ensuring legal and regulatory compliances


Finance and Account Team

Synergy has developed a team and have trained them for various finance and accounts related jobs during CIRP and Liquidation Process.  Following are some of the jobs which can be highlighted for this team: –

    • To understand the financial position of the Corporate Debtor and to prepare a list of assets and liabilities up to the date of commencement of CIRP or liquidation and to present the same before COC or Stakeholders.
    • To analyze the financial statement of Corporate Debtor and various other financial and legal documents to understand the financial position, reasons for financial stress, remedies available, fund flow and cash flow of Corporate Debtor, the root cause of financial stress, etc.
    • To supervise the accounts and finance function of the Corporate Debtor and keep a close watch on the cash flow from operations and to maintain accounts for CIRP cost.
    • To co-ordinate with Internal auditors, statutory auditors and transactional auditors and provide them all the information to get timely reports from them.